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Our Mission at Exotic Software is to develop customizable, user-oriented software, that assists you in developing enjoyable to use applications.


As developers, your main focus is on the objective of your application. For example, maintaining contact with customers or accounting for company finances. Our goal is to assist you in making your application as easy, enjoyable and comprehensive as possible for its users.


Our objectives include:

Providing the elements needed to develop a complete application.
Supplying a help system which not only explains how to use the application, but in addition, assists with developing your application.
Showing how to improve communications with the users of your applications by helping you in handling errors, displaying messages, and connecting to additional Help for the users of your applications.
Demonstrating how Microsoft Access User-Level Security can be implemented in an application, making available a unique user interface, where forms and reports are made available to users according to the group to which they belong, without having to use switchboards.

In other words, increase product quality by helping to remove the apparent 'lightweight' database perception of Microsoft Access by demonstrating it's capabilities and it's ability to quickly create useful database solutions.


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Exotic Software
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